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21 May 2009 @ 10:28 pm
Day # 24  
By using the first letter of our first names we called ourselves: TWAK! - Viral Advertising, just so it would be easier for us to be referred to.

Today was the presentation day for the Viral Ad campaign where each group would present their ideas for whether they would Advertise the University, a department, a course or the city itself.

We had decided on yesterdays meeting that we would meeting up an hour and a half earlier to practice our presentation just to make sure we had all our ideas down and to make sure we were explaining the idea clearly.

The presentation went quite well, and we were all pleased that Pete was happy with our ideas. The feedback was positive and he even suggested that we join with cat's group as we had one or two similar ideas and that the viral ads could even be made next year depending on the commitment and preparations done for it.

Presentation slide from the powerpoint:

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