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06 May 2009 @ 08:28 pm
Today, as Free Reign was setting up for a brief discussion of where we are, Frieda (one of the main members of Artspace) made a complaint to us that we had left 'Red Teapot Tuesday' too early causing her to have wasted time in going to the meeting and in hvaing to pay for parking there. the day at Artspace became short as the room we were working in was to be used for a class.

We then all decided to work in the University Library. From there, we wrote a letter of apologies and concern we had of the meeting that took place yesterday (May 5th) to Laura (our co-ordinator). We then continued to work on what we were assigned to do for the rest of the day. I worked on the membership welcome letter which presented the new membership that I was designing.

Later on in the day, I met up with my Viral Ad Campaign group that I woould be working with for the project. The group now consisted of:
  • Tom Drew
  • Anne Walton
  • Kevin Palmer
We discussed our 'main' ideas and took notes on how we could improve them later on along with any other ideas we came up with but was unsure if it would work.

My thoughts on the group of people I am working with on the Viral Ad campaign are the same as the people I am working with at Artspace -  a good mix of people! Which is very good for me as well as the fact that we all get a long very well, we all think different giving us a more diverse range of ideas which, I remember Andrew beck mentioned to be a good trait for a group.

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05 May 2009 @ 07:14 pm
Today, there was a meeting called 'Red Teapot Tuesday' where a few members / artist's from Artspace gather at the Herbert Gallery and have tea and general discussions. The point of the meeting was to be social with other members share ideas and views of their work and to talk about anything in general.

'Red Teapot Tuesday':

Free Reign met up at Herbert gallery at 1pm and waited inside the cafe for about an hour or so. We thought it was odd that no had turned up yet so we asked the reception if they knew anything about 'Red Teapot Tuesday'. It turns out and there had not been a 'Red Teapot Tuesday' meeting in several months - this raised us some concern as well as the fact that we had no supervisor with us, we felt very confused. Gill and Leah turned up around 2pm and we sat and chatted about their event and Artspace for almost an hour and a half. During the discussion we were asked to be stewards for their event which then moved on to discussion of how things were to be arranged in the event.

Gill and Leah then left in discussion of finding some materials for their event pamphlets.

Free Reign then waited another 15 minutes and because no other members had turned up in the for the meeting (in the 2 hours or so) we decided to go home and work on gathering contacts of local businesses for discount as a  membership benefit of Artspace.

I thought that 'Red Teapot Tuesday' was a confused and a random event at the Herbet cafe. The staff there knew little of the meeting and it seemed that it was unorganised, having been told that the meeting had not happened in quite some time. The group was alos left responsible of the teapot - as people new the meeting, I felt the situation was a mishap. But in the professional world, the realisation that these kinds of situations do happen makes me feel I should become more prepared and confident in trying to not let it.
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30 April 2009 @ 07:18 pm
Today, Free Reign got on the job of making the Art-Bank / Art Profiling photoshoot idea happen. A timesheet was made for the artists to write down what time they were free to take photo's since alot of the Artists come in at different times depending on their day jobs and family.
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29 April 2009 @ 08:56 pm
Today, I presented my design templates for the membership cards for Laura to decide which sample she liked best. After receiving some feedback from her, I went on to finalising the design for the membership cards as well as re-arranging the design of the membership welcome letter template.

As well as discussing the membership cards with Laura, Free Reign also discussed with her about the ideas of the Art-bank / Art Profiling. We decided on taking 'sophisticated' photo's of all the artists of Artspace - the idea came from the Ellen Terry Building of Coventry University where the reception wall had a wall full of photo's of the Lecturer's that are within the Art & Design department.

When discussing the membership card design with Laura, there was an issue of what information the card would contain. I found the brief she gave me to be rather vague in that area and thus, resulting in me making decisions in what would make the card look professional, yet contained all the things that Laura wanted from the card. I found it interesting working on a professional bases and realised that in discussing with the client more in what they needed helped more in my work and each sample I made, there for an improvement and thorough decisions were made in comparision to when I create something in my own spare time for a friend.
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28 April 2009 @ 09:45 pm
Today, we (Free Reign) sent off the invitations to the public press, Coventry University's Art & Design department as well as a letter to the Dean of Coventry University in hopes that the University will be more aware of Artspace and that the University could really make more use of the organisation, especially for 3rd years degree shows and exhibitions.

With much discussion with Laura, I am realising that the University could really benefit from working with Artspace, considering that there are some students who are members of the organisation and the fact that the space that Artspace rents out could be very useful for exhibitions of students work as such it is an 'Artistic' environement.

In a previous discussion with Gill and Leah (Jolie Laide), Free Reign was told to come along to the Art & Design degree show launch to get an a hint of experience of what the Jolie Laide event will be like. Jolie Laide will also be there to promote their event being held at Artspace.

The Degree Show launch was very interesting and very fun to watch. I had no idea that the Art & Design school of Coventry University had quite a lot going on - I also feel that many other students in the school do not know of these performances happening either. I think it would be a good idea if my course 9Advertising and Media) was more involved in the degree show, especially being in the second year, it would be a great experience to promote the the school and allow more people as well students to take part in (promoting) the event.
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27 April 2009 @ 09:11 pm
Today, I worked on designing the template for the Press Releases for both Artsapce and Jolie Laide considering their event will help Artspace gain even more recognition.

The Press Releases written up by Beth were once again proof-read by the group and I just to make sure the right message was being written out and that the event date was clear for the public / press to see.

Press Release Template Design / Jolie Laide:

Later on in the day, we had a meeting with Paul and Marlon, who represent a group called 'Ind-E-Focus' whom are a group of people that wanted to see if Artspace was able to join their website (www.Ind-E-Focus.com) and help support what they do on the website:

Ind-E-Focus believes that dreams are reality that lacks Focus.

Ind-E-Focus main goal is to support Independent Artists who are:
  • Ind-E-Pendent; with the ambition to create their own business.
  • Ind-E-Vidual; having a unique style or approach to their work.
  • Ind-E-Mand; offering a product that is sellable to a mainstream or niche market.
  • Ind-E-Structible; with enough determination to stop at nothing to reach their goals.
If the above applies to you, then you should be; Ind-E-Focus.

Ind-E-Focus is an online community for Independent Artists. We want to make sure you have everything you need to start creating and promoting your latest masterpiece.
Personally, I thought the group would really help Artspace out in terms of getting the Artspace Artists' work online, but the realisation that the majority of artists at Artspace are not computer literate and therefore would not benefit largely from working with Ind-E-Focus. Towards the end of the discussing what their group is about, the group and I then explained what was currently happening with Artspace and what the group and I were doing for Artspace and thus, persuading them to join the organisation as it they felt that being with Artspace would be useful for the future for any of their upcoming events. 

Our next meeting was with Laura, the group and I discussed the alterations of the Press Release and finalised what we thought of the overall template and information on it - we also discussed the Press Releases with Gill and Leah as one of the Press Releases was based on their upcoming event.

After much discussion with Laura, Leah and Gill. The group and I decided that we would form our own Promotions group as so that the Artspace members do not have to refer to us as 'Students' and a company name could be made for us for easier conversation, contacting (having 1 e-mail account, instead of sending to separate ones) and organising. Our roles were also assigned to us so it was easier for us to assign each other responsibilities that we were most strongest at producing.

The group became 'Free Reign Promotions'
  • Winnie (me) - Creative Consultant
  • Adam - Group Co-ordinator
  • Katie - Networker
  • Kate - Web-designer
  • Beth - Copywriter
I thought the idea of us becoming one promotions 'company' was good for the group because it allowed us to organise ourselves better around the work that needed to be produced for Artspace and Jolie Laide.
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23 April 2009 @ 09:27 pm
Laura mentioned in a previous meeting that today there would be a Radio 4 interview happening at one of the Artspace Bursary's space (shop units). And so the group and I were given the job of taking some photo's for of the interview for the newsletter. We also got to see a couple of the other Artspace Bursary space's (shop units). Whilst looking around the shop units, we also discussed the bursary itself and began to understand Artspace a bit more.

Afterwards, the group and I split up in search of free advertising spots around town.

Gaining more knowledge about Artspace was an opportunity given to me to understand how the organisation worked on a professional bases. Alot of things gained by Artspace is mainly due to hard work as well as working with the right kind of people.
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22 April 2009 @ 08:01 pm
Today, I had a meeting at 1:30pm with Peter Woodbridge which was about the Viral Ad Campaign project for Coventry University / the city itself. The meeting was a general introductory meeting noting what the project was about and what sort of ideas came to mind in terms of creating a 'viral' advert for Coventry (University / city).

At the time, when the project was introduced to me, I had already spoken to Tom and Michael to see if they would like to work together as group. In the end, due to unforeseen circumstances, the group changed to it being Kevin, Tom, Anne and I.  During the meeting, a few random ideas were casted out as well as demonstrated and another meeting was arranged for anyone who could not make it (due there being a trip to New York or that people just simply was unable to make the time).

What was different about working on this project is that I made to have to arrange and engage in the meetings more 'hands-on' than I would've thought. And the fact that deadlines were not set yet, the proffesional world can be unexpected sometimes and not always organise therefore, i felt that I must be prepared for this project than I usually am unlike my course modules where most assessments were already planned out.

later on in the day, I had a meeting at Artspace, in which we discussed what the group currently had to present to Laura showing her what we've currently done. We manage to receive some positive feedback on the current work we've produced, where we from that point moved on to discuss the design of the press release and whether or not the information was correct or missing.

Afterwards, I had moved on to typing up the 'membership welcome letter' and then we had a short meeting with Leah Alcock, one of the partnering artists of Jolie Laide, to discuss the press release with her.

All in all, a rather busy day. Time keeping was very important today, if I did not create a time schedule for myself today, I don't think I would've made it to all the meetings and had the discussions in the detail that I had with them. I feel that I have improved my time-keeping with people as well as with the work and also in being more active in discussions with new people as I felt that I wanted make sure everything that the group and I were doing was up to professional standard and that everyone's opinions was included.
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21 April 2009 @ 08:48 pm
Today, I read through the press release that Beth had written the night before. (Showing that we worked as a team and would discuss things in order to produce the best for the organisation).

A couple of sentences and words were altered and then I went a head to design the letter that would be used in most of the paperwork Artspace will be using when sending anything out. Again, I use the yellow and grey's to keep the consistency with the membership card - this would also create a certain style that Artspace is in terms of their paperwork and their organisation.

Discussion about membership benefits also took place in order to get the letter written correctly for Artspace's introduction of the membership card.

Work seemed to be set on track and I felt at ease (else confusion of producing the incorrect work and time maybe wasted) that everything was discussed so that no confusion were to happen and that everyone had an input in the work.

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20 April 2009 @ 09:31 pm
Today, the group and I briefly discussed the roles we would take up, taking into account that we all have different strengths and weaknesses, we wanted to put our strengths into the areas we are best at as well as making sure we improve on our weaknesses too.

I was assigned the role of designing and one to have quite alot of knowledge of how to use photoshop. Because of this, I was assigned to designing and creating the membership cards, the press release templates and other letter head templates.

I began working on the membership cards first as it was Laura mentioned that she would like them done for when the Artspace newsletter is set to be released in the upcoming weeks.

Unused test Sample (turquoise):

I started off by finding colours that would complement the grey used in the oval Artspace logo. I tried out Blues, Yellows and Oranges as it seemed that lighter colours complemented the 'Artspace' grey the most. I eventually decided on the yellow to be used with the grey Artspace logo, yellow is a fresh, warm, happy colour therefore, much like the attitude Artspace staff has towards their members as well as the work they produce. As you can see, I also used different shades of grey to makes it a little different but consistent with the grey and white logo as well.

I have also stuck with the same font (Impact) to keep the consistency of the style and making the Artspace logo more memorable as it uses the same font.

Working on the design of the membership allowed me to think more about colour and shapes whilst it also challenged me to attempt to take advantage of the logo and implement it to fit the 'new' design of the card. The Artspace logo itself, is a simple design but fitted with a strong font and I wanted to embrace that message within the design.
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