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26 May 2009 @ 11:03 pm
Today, I carried on working on the membership and studio packs, implementing the designs from the press releases I did a few weeks before.

We, Free Reign, as a group discussed everything that we did to make sure we were on track with everything as we planned as we will be leaving our placement in the upcoming week.

During this placement, I have discovered that gaining confidence in talking to new people is a very key skill needed in the a professional work place such as Artspace. Artspace has gained all their members through this (word of mouth) for them to be this successful as well as how they organise every event they have, they engage meetings where discussion takes place so that all members know what is happening in the organisation - without doing this, I feel that Artspace would not be where it is now.

In hopes of the future, I feel that Artspace will continue the way they are but now with a more proffessional looking paperwork and be able to expand their coverage to Coventry and warwickshire as a whole instead of just the few close local business'.
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21 May 2009 @ 10:28 pm
By using the first letter of our first names we called ourselves: TWAK! - Viral Advertising, just so it would be easier for us to be referred to.

Today was the presentation day for the Viral Ad campaign where each group would present their ideas for whether they would Advertise the University, a department, a course or the city itself.

We had decided on yesterdays meeting that we would meeting up an hour and a half earlier to practice our presentation just to make sure we had all our ideas down and to make sure we were explaining the idea clearly.

The presentation went quite well, and we were all pleased that Pete was happy with our ideas. The feedback was positive and he even suggested that we join with cat's group as we had one or two similar ideas and that the viral ads could even be made next year depending on the commitment and preparations done for it.

Presentation slide from the powerpoint:

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20 May 2009 @ 09:20 pm
Today, we had a meeting with Laura in which we discussed the events of Jolie Laide, the membership cards and the letter heads for several of Artspace's paperwork. After the brief meeting, I continued my work on implementing the letter head design from the press releases and welcome letters into the Studio and Membership packs provided by Laura.

Later into the afternoon, I went to my much needed Viral Ad Project group meeting. We had been discussing our ideas online and had not met up much together throughout the couple of weeks therefore, it was good to have us all finally together and working on the presentation we have to present tomorrow. We had come up with several ideas (about 10 ideas as requested by Pete - the man who is leading this project). We finalised our ideas and assigned each other our roles for tomorrow, which is when we have to present our final ideas to Pete.

After the group meeting, I went back to Artspace for a 5:30pm meeting with all the members (That could make it to the meeting) in which Free Reign was able to discuss what we had done, our marketing proposal for Artspace and about the 'Bodies on the Edge' event as well as other events happening around Artspace for those that may have missed the newsletter.

Marketing Proposal for Artspace:

Towards the end of the meeting, Laura presented to Free Reign a box of chocolates for the each of us as a thank you for all our help. I felt really happy to have chosen to work at Artspace as I was able to learn quite alot of new things within working in a professional workplace. The fact that they find our work very professional and are quite open to talking to us made the placement all the worth while in the last month.

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19 May 2009 @ 09:15 pm
Today, Laura had a discussion with Free Reign about the membership and studio packs. She wanted us to implement the design to the packs just as we have done with the membership letters and press releases.

A marketing proposal was to be written up as for tomorrow's member's meeting, where all the member's of Artspace come together to discuss the current happenings of the organisation.
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18 May 2009 @ 09:10 pm
I had a brief meeting with Gill and Laura about how successful the event went last Friday and because it was a bank holiday weekend, some of the props was still left around the building thus, we had to help tidy the rooms up so that classes and work can resume back to 'normal'
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15 May 2009 @ 11:58 pm
I arrived at Artspace dressed in black (as a requested uniform) for 5:15pm meeting with Leah and Gill to find out where I am supposed to be standing and what I will be doing. Everyone seemed to be very busy in preparing for the event.

After finding out our positions and official responsibilities, we all got into our positions and awaited for the event to officially begin at 9:00pm. However, because a large amount guests have already arrived, we began the event approximately 10-15 minutes earlier than expected.

I guided the guests to where they were supposed to go and spoke to some of the guests in finding out where they had come from and how they heard about the event. Later on in the evening, I was told to start selling 'Bodies on the Edge' catalogues to the guests, most guests had alrady bought the catalogues it seemed and therefore my catalogue selling responsibility was cut short. Towards the end of the event, I managed to look around some of the exhibitions being held.

For the most, I had enjoyed the evening very much and I'm happy the event went on successfully. The problem of the day would be the weather - it rained throughout most of the day causing the basement and the garden to be rather damp. It was very interesting seeing Artspace be transformed to the type of launch show that the Art & Design building had put on at the university. In preparing for the event, I gained the confidence to talk to new people more freely and comfortable than I would normally be when I first meet them so, it was great experience to have taken part in stewarding the event.
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14 May 2009 @ 08:29 pm
Work was done from home due to the preparations of the 'Bodies on the Edge' by Jolie Laide event.

Spent most of the day awaiting approvals from the letter / e-mail responses to the letters sent out on the 11th May.
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13 May 2009 @ 08:11 pm
Today, we had our Wednesday meetings with Laura as per usual.

We discussed about the membership cards, letters as well as the discount posters. Because of the 'Bodies on the Edge' event held by Jolie Laide, the meeting was cut short and we went home to do continue our work instead. We then came back at 2pm for a Health and Safety meeting with leah for the upcoming Jolie Laide event happening in 2 days.
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12 May 2009 @ 07:45 pm
Today, we spent the day helping out around Artspace building by doing some gardening work due to funds being limited. The main part that needed to be prepared for the upcoming event for Jolie Laide was the basement and so much sweeping and dusting was needed.

Main area of the basement where a group called 'New Macho' will be performing:

After, we split up to go home, I worked continued working on the membership letters and then e-mailed Laura for some feeback.
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11 May 2009 @ 07:03 pm
Today, we spent the day going through directories and researching on the internet for local contacts. After finding enough reliable contacts (43 in total), we sent off the letter explaining the benefits Artspace wishes to give to their members and what benefits the local business will receive if they provide a discount for the members.

sample of the letter we sent out:

I continued to work on the membership letters and also made a start on the Discount posters which Laura requested in a short meeting we had today.

I wanted the poster to be simple yet still continue having the same design consistency all of the other Artspace paper-work now has. So I made several different versions of the poster by just altering the words as the words was the key message in how the local business was talking to the members of Artspace. (in reference to what I have learnt in my previous modules in the course I am taking)

First sample of the poster:

As well as the choice of words used within the poster, I thought about the structure the poster as I wanted the style to be very similar with the membership cards therefore, making it more recognisable and easier for the local business' to match the membership cards when present by a member.

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