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11 May 2009 @ 07:03 pm
Today, we spent the day going through directories and researching on the internet for local contacts. After finding enough reliable contacts (43 in total), we sent off the letter explaining the benefits Artspace wishes to give to their members and what benefits the local business will receive if they provide a discount for the members.

sample of the letter we sent out:

I continued to work on the membership letters and also made a start on the Discount posters which Laura requested in a short meeting we had today.

I wanted the poster to be simple yet still continue having the same design consistency all of the other Artspace paper-work now has. So I made several different versions of the poster by just altering the words as the words was the key message in how the local business was talking to the members of Artspace. (in reference to what I have learnt in my previous modules in the course I am taking)

First sample of the poster:

As well as the choice of words used within the poster, I thought about the structure the poster as I wanted the style to be very similar with the membership cards therefore, making it more recognisable and easier for the local business' to match the membership cards when present by a member.

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