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26 May 2009 @ 11:03 pm
Today, I carried on working on the membership and studio packs, implementing the designs from the press releases I did a few weeks before.

We, Free Reign, as a group discussed everything that we did to make sure we were on track with everything as we planned as we will be leaving our placement in the upcoming week.

During this placement, I have discovered that gaining confidence in talking to new people is a very key skill needed in the a professional work place such as Artspace. Artspace has gained all their members through this (word of mouth) for them to be this successful as well as how they organise every event they have, they engage meetings where discussion takes place so that all members know what is happening in the organisation - without doing this, I feel that Artspace would not be where it is now.

In hopes of the future, I feel that Artspace will continue the way they are but now with a more proffessional looking paperwork and be able to expand their coverage to Coventry and warwickshire as a whole instead of just the few close local business'.
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