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15 May 2009 @ 11:58 pm
Day #20  
I arrived at Artspace dressed in black (as a requested uniform) for 5:15pm meeting with Leah and Gill to find out where I am supposed to be standing and what I will be doing. Everyone seemed to be very busy in preparing for the event.

After finding out our positions and official responsibilities, we all got into our positions and awaited for the event to officially begin at 9:00pm. However, because a large amount guests have already arrived, we began the event approximately 10-15 minutes earlier than expected.

I guided the guests to where they were supposed to go and spoke to some of the guests in finding out where they had come from and how they heard about the event. Later on in the evening, I was told to start selling 'Bodies on the Edge' catalogues to the guests, most guests had alrady bought the catalogues it seemed and therefore my catalogue selling responsibility was cut short. Towards the end of the event, I managed to look around some of the exhibitions being held.

For the most, I had enjoyed the evening very much and I'm happy the event went on successfully. The problem of the day would be the weather - it rained throughout most of the day causing the basement and the garden to be rather damp. It was very interesting seeing Artspace be transformed to the type of launch show that the Art & Design building had put on at the university. In preparing for the event, I gained the confidence to talk to new people more freely and comfortable than I would normally be when I first meet them so, it was great experience to have taken part in stewarding the event.
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